You may have heard that SABOT is at it again, and you heard right!
In September 2020, we got together for the first time in 5 years to play a few concerts, which included both old Sabot material and new improvisations using instruments and tools we have collected over the last few years.
Although Chris is in Czech and Hilary is in Italy, we do what we can to work long-distance and get together when possible. We will record soon, and we are already playing and planning more concerts.
We are, as always, so grateful to all our friends and fans for the support and the trust that music will overcome all odds. We can’t wait to show you how!
Check out our concerts page for any upcoming shows near you!
Love, Chris and Hilary/SABOT
Below is a list of internet links to our other current and past projects for you to enjoy.


Current Projects:

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